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Stem cell clinical trials

Posted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:21 pm
by Ashlee
There are different protocols investigated using Stem Cell research in NMO. Please be sure to look at all options and always go to for further information.

Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) is a demyelinating and degenerative disorder of the CNS affecting vision and spinal cord function. This disease is rare compared to Multiple Sclerosis (MS), but it is devastating and often leads to accumulating disability with a 5 year-mortality of approximately 30%. Survivors are typically left with severe morbidity secondary to blindness, quadriparesis and respiratory failure. No agent has been found to be highly effective in halting disease activity. Based on recent outcomes of stem cell transplant trials and reports in autoimmune diseases including MS, and based on the mechanisms of NMO, we anticipate that stem cell transplantation may provide lasting disease stability for NMO patients. The hypothesis of the present trial is that autologous hematopoetic stem cell transplantation in patients with NMO will provide lasting benefit in relapse prevention. Specifically, we anticipate a 50% reduction in the proportion of patients experiencing relapse over a three year period. We will be following patients for a total of five years after transplantation.

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This study is designed to examine whether treating Devic's disease patients with high dose cyclophosphamide together with rATG/rituximab (drugs which reduce the function of the immune system), followed by return of previously collected patient's stem cells will result in improvement in Devic's disease. Stem cells are undeveloped cells that have the capacity to grow into mature blood cells, which normally circulate in the blood stream. The purpose of the intense chemotherapy is to destroy the cells in patient's immune system, which may be causing his/her disease. The purpose of the stem cell infusion is to produce a normal immune system that will no longer attack patient's body. The purpose of study is to examine the safety and efficacy of this treatment. The drugs used in this study treatment are drugs for commonly used for immune suppression. ... =3&rank=22